Monday, January 2, 2017

2017 Fitness Goals

Happy 2017!
I can hardly believe we are already into our second day of 2017.
Time just keeps on plugging away.
It really does not stand still.
Time marches on and doesn't care if you have things
you wanted to do or places you wanted to see.
It doesn't wait, it keeps going.
All we can do is savor every single moment of every single day
making the best of the time.

I have written down goals for 2017.
Some are for personal growth which I will share
in a separate post.
Things I want to work on personally but, for this post
it is all about my fitness goals.

I want to stay healthy and fit in order to enjoy all those moments
that life has in store!!
One way I plan to do this, is to strive to keep fitness goals.

I find if I write down my goals they seem real.
Cemented in print for me to see and to keep me accountable.

So, here they are in print including mine from the last two years:

2015 New Year’s Goals:

completed at least one 5k a month. 

2016 New Year’s Goals:

run/walk 2,016 miles in 2016
I ran numerous 5ks 
1 10k
2 half marathons

Ran races in 4 different States!


2017 New Year’s Goals:

1. A goal to add yoga and stretching to my routine; as a means to prevent running injury.

2. Committed to 5ks, 10k, 15k and at least 1 half marathon-

3. Member of: MoonJoggers Running group. This year the challenge is log enough miles as a group to run around the Sun, the challenge: Chase the Sun!

4. PROUD member of: #Teamcupcake. Team Cupcake is a sub-running group of Moonjoggers.
I am committing to a challenge: New Years Day through May Day. This commitment/challenge will consist of a RunStreak. For 120 days I will RUN every single day! In order for it to be considered an official RunStreak, you need to log the minimum of a 1 mile RUN (not walk) EVERY single day to keep the Streak ‘alive’!

5. Member of: Virtual World Race. 
Each month I will run a virtual race across a new country.
The group will learn all kinds of interesting facts about each country throughout the month!

6. Member of: Pushups for Vets.
Perform 22 pushups EVERY single day! To honor those who serve and to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention, through education and empowerment.

7.  a personal January Plank challenge. A plank every day of January. 

8. Member of the Homestead Striders-meet friends for a weekly run.

9. Member of HIITPIIT-1000 mile challenge 

10. Member of the 1K club! 

I am READY! Let’s get this New Year started!

So tell me, do you make resolutions? Do you have goals?
Do you choose a word for the year? 
I would LOVE to hear about it!! 

Happy 2017! 


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