Tuesday, November 8, 2016

the path

the path is
strewn with
autumn colored leaves.
wet from last night's rain;
leaves lay, like a
colorful, slippery carpet.

I run along the path-

feet hitting the trail
in a rhythmic pattern,
chest lifting as lungs fill
with the cool fresh air-
heart-beats keeping time with the strides,
and thoughts all to myself
this is my time...just mine.

the path, empty.
not another soul-
just the tree-lined path and I.
peaceful. beautiful. quiet.
alone time at it's best.

looking up ahead
I see the path wind and twist
towards a small wooden bridge,
slowing down to notice the stream-
listening to it lap against the shore.

this path and I.
we are friends.

I will be back very soon
to run with you, my friend.


1 comment:

Linda said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful.
I have now recovered from my toe surgeries and am beginning my walking exercises/meditations routine. There is nothing better than walking.....