Saturday, March 19, 2016

a day like no other.

today is like no other i will ever have.

because two major things happened.

the first was i became a granny again!!!
our daughter and family who live overseas
had her second son early this morning.

my husband and i both stayed up waiting
and my son in law texted me a photo of our
sweet new little grandson.
even though we were so far apart
and i cannot hold him
i felt included in the birth...
and it made it so special for me!

he is perfect. in. every. possible. way.
oh the joy.

the second husband and his brother
moved his 90 year old mom into a health care center today.
it is only ten minutes from our home
but, this is a HUGE change in the family.
i pray she will be happier there
and that the family can adjust to this
new normal.

so there it is.

and in case you are wondering
i am already in love with this new little grandson!!!!

talk about a #sweetmoment!
oh the joy.


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