Monday, January 12, 2015

memories made

our daughter and family were here
from california for the holidays.

we were able to do many wonderful
activities and make fun memories!

one of the things that will stick in my mind:
sledding and snowshoeing at mt. baker :)

it was cold and it was fun!

i also participated in 'dressember'
committing to wear a dress every day in december
to raise money and awareness for human sex traffickling.
partering with 

so, i actually wore a sweater DRESS
up to snow shoe! :)

the holidays are over;
the kids all back to their homes & work
my hubbie and i are back to our routine...
but, memories were made
memories are stored away 
to be pulled up and remembered for 
years to come.



Thoughts for the day said...

So glad you had a wonderful time.

Linda said...

I loved seeing all the photos of the fun you had!!! Glad you had FAMILY for Christmas!!!

Anna said...

Love all of the snow pics! Send some our way! ;)