Wednesday, October 1, 2014


this past sunday i competed in my third 1/2 marathon!
oh yes, i did!!!

i actually did this same 1/2 marathon last year and couldn't wait
to do it again!
it is 13.1 miles of lovely scenery; older homes and a stint along the waterfront!
a beautiful course and i did it!

this year, my daughter and my niece walked along side me
and my daughter and i actually went through the finish line together.

i loved sharing this whole experience with her too!

i also, bettered my time from last year too.
which always is a good thing!

i feel great-
setting a goal
and tackling it head on!

all the training paid off.
i finished and still had energy to walk
the 3 blocks back to my car! ha.

now, what's next?
i think i've been bit by the 1/2 marathon bug! ;)
i do know, i am competing in another 5k
in ten days! :) :)

nothing feels as good as completing a task
that once seemed so big and scary!

as a two time survivor to breast cancer
i felt like i didn't have any control of that part of my life.

but, this...this i have control of.
i choose to get up and exercise.
i choose to stay fit and healthy.
i choose to find joy in it all!

yep, bring it on!

packet pickup day.
shirt. number bib and socks!

my daughter, myself and my niece
and my daughter and i
before the race.


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