Saturday, August 9, 2014

happy & content

I have always been a bit partial to cats. Growing up in a home where my dad and brothers had hunting/hound dogs, I have always had a cat!

My love for cats has always been a strong one. I love their independence, the attitudes and really almost everything about them.
In our home now, our cat 'Miss Olive' pretty much rules the roost, and she has me wrapped around her paw! Since being empty nesters, we have poured a lot of our love, attention and affection into this sweet but, sassy tuxedo kitty!
Olive can sit for hours upon hours just sitting in her window seat, watching the commotion of our farm. She also loves to watch the birds from this seat and sometimes will try to attack them through the window. It is quite comical to watch!

Our Olive is strictly an inside kitty, because of our farm and the tom-cats that prowl around, we do not let her out. Olive runs and I do mean she runs, to the back door every time it gets opened, thinking she can escape and that the world is more exciting outside; until the other day when my grandson let her out by accidentally leaving the door ajar. She snuck out and we could not find her for about an hour. She was on top of our roof, scared and stuck in the gutter. I had hoped that this incident had frightened her enough, that she wouldn't try to escape but, sadly enough she still thinks the grass is greener and that outside on the farm is more exciting!?

Maybe there is a lesson in this for us, after all? For some, the grass is greener; the neighbor's house is bigger, their car is shinier, their clothes are nicer, their kids are more behaved, their wives are skinnier, prettier and on and on it goes. When, what we have is more than enough! Just like Olive's home is more than enough for her, she doesn't need anything more to be happy and content!

Oh, if we could just be happy and content with our life and all our many gifts!


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