Wednesday, August 13, 2014

finding my way-

years and years ago
when i was in junior high...
i discovered the joy of
hiking solo;
i would get home from school
throw on a backpack 
stuffed with my journal and a pen---
and off i would go,
stopping along the way
to jot some poetry 
in my journal.

usually i didn't get home
until dinner time!

being up around the
trees and fresh air
always cleared my head,
helping me cope
with the social anxieties
that every junior high kid

 natural for me;
growing up in a home
where my dad thought 
camping meant
with all our own gear---
and heading somewhere
 no one else
would ever, ever
 imagine going!! :)

(thank-you, Dad!)

my husband and i 
hiked when we were
and then later
we hiked as a 
young growing family;
took our daughters
 on many, many hikes
as they were growing up.

we continue this tradition
with at least one
hike a year as
a family.

this year,
so far
i have been lucky enough
to go on four hikes...

two hikes with family
and two hikes with friends.

the last couple hikes i did,
were so crazy beautiful...
it was easy to see why 
my dad 
used to say, 
hiking was where he
 felt the closest to

it was impossible
 to look at the beauty around me
and not
thank our Maker for it

God's handiwork was
 evident everywhere
i looked!

in the trees that sloped on the hills,
puffy clouds floating above me,
clear blue skies,
the sunshine glistening off the 
icy lake,
the meadow bursting with flowers,
a bubbling brook,
rock formations that just begged
 to be climbed.

in it all,
everywhere i looked...
abundant beauty

thankful. blessed. grateful.



Tawni Sattler said...

<3 <3 <3

Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, what gorgeous scenery. My hubby hiked with me while dating....wouldn't go at all after we married....and now, my knee won't allow it! :( Keep it up because it's something you it for YOU!!!

dandelionfleur said...

I agree! I didn't experience hiking until I was an adult--have been making up for lost time ever since:).