Thursday, July 10, 2014

keeping it in the past

this weekend
my husband and i
will be attending his high school class reunion

i do not normally live
in the past---
in fact,
i am not one of those that brings
up their glory days---
i did have a pretty decent,
and popular existence in high school.

i am not one that has any
 traumatic memories
like some people, i know.

i have nice memories
of school and friends!
i am also
one that always,
and i mean always...
looks at that glass half full.
so i may only remember the 'good days'?! ha.

so, getting back to the hubs'.

he and i went to the same high school.
he was a senior when i was a freshman.
we did not date.
we did not start dating until the summer
of my senior year
when he came home for a visit
from college. ;)

but, since we both attended
the same school,
a lot of his friends
married friends of mine 
or at least girls i knew from school. :)

so when i go to his reunion,
in some ways it feels like mine as well. 

this year
we are keeping it simple
with a potluck and bonfire.
i have downloaded
nothing but good 
and i mean 
70's music!!
i will be in charge of keeping the music playing during the event.
so as i sit here,
right now---
listening to 
my selections of music,
it is funny
how some music 
can conjure up memories.
i can listen to a song
and be transported right back
to the 70's
and remember
listening out on my parents
to music
while laying in the sun,
trying to boost my tan
before going out that night 
on a date.

i still have NO idea
what i will be wearing!
i am trying not to 
make too much of a big deal
out of it
and let go!? 

as my husband
visits with his buddies
and they reminisce about the 
good old days
and their 'jock' status'

i will be visiting and catching up with
some friends too!!

have a lovely week
and shine your light my friends!
we never know
who we might touch this week
with our smile!



1 comment:

Anna said...

Sounds fun!

I wish that my high school experience had been better, but am very thankful for the life that I have now. I'm a much more positive person.

Hope you had a blast! :)