Friday, April 4, 2014

mountain & mole hills

Today as I walked, I took on those 'hills' again
 only this time my attitude was SO much different.
 Instead of making those hills into a 'mountain' I looked at them as 'mole hills'.
 My attitude was better which made the task that much easier!
 Taking note of this: every time I climbed UP one of those hills, I also got to go DOWN one of those hills!!
 In life we all have mountains to climb...each time I have had to climb one it has made me so much stronger; physically, emotionally and in my faith.
 I learned to be thankful and grateful for my wonderful family and friends,
 to take time to see the beauty around me
 and for all the many blessings I receive each and every day from God!
 Wherever you are today,
 whether it is climbing UP a mountain or coming DOWN a mountain,
 I pray you know you CAN DO IT!



Robyn Burke said...

I have grown to really love "my" hill! It's up and down and curvy and gorgeous views. This road sure looks pretty though. And it is really awesome to take some of these physical challenges in life and compare them to our walk with Christ. So glad we are on the same page. Walk on girlfriend!!

dandelionfleur said...

Mountains hold a special place in my heart!