Sunday, April 6, 2014

just me. that's all. me.

a week from today
i will be participating in my 2nd half marathon. :)
i will be doing it with
a group of friends this time...
a bunch a gals who can talk
a mile a minute.
should make the 13.1 miles go by
pretty quickly.

i walk six days a week
well, most weeks anyway...although
living in the PNW there are days when
the rain is coming down in SHEETS
and i decide exercising
in the house sounds good
or sitting in front of the fire 
with a good book
sounds even BETTER!! ha.

since faithfully power-walking for the past year
my distance has increased
along with my speed.

my husband says:
i walk faster than a lot of people jog! :)

although i must say,
i am competing with no one
but, myself.

i am competitive by nature, though.
it could be growing up the only girl
in a house of boys?
i am fairly competitive
and am usually pretty good at sports.
that being said, 
i set out each morning

to just get a walk in!!

nothing more than that.
just to get out and walk.

not competing with someone else...
just me.

i am not comparing myself to anyone else:

 not how many 
days someone else walks
how FAST they walk
or how FAR they walk...

just getting outside by myself.

hitting the road and walking-

mile after mile...
walking clears my head.
it helps me stay fit.
i  also use walking 
for contemplation,
and alone time, with God...
not to mention the happy endorphins! :)

it doesn't matter how far or how fast i go...
really it doesn't.
as long as i get out and do it.

you see
i am not competing with
except myself!

trying to be the best possible
me, i can be.

i walk
for me.
and ONLY for me.
no one else!

i am not trying to be better than anyone else.
just a better, melody!

that is all.


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dandelionfleur said...

That is all and that is everything.