Monday, March 10, 2014


last september
i walked in my
very first half marathon
and said, "i can check that
off my bucket list"

well, again
i can say it! :)
this time i will be
participating in a local event
with a bunch of my high school friends;
we call ourselves the ya-yas and have
been close friends...some of us
since grade school!

i have promised
to not walk my 'normal' pace
with them
and to take my time and have
fun visiting...i am sure that will not
be a problem. ha.
we never seem to run out
of things to talk about! LOL

so, again...
i will do a half marathon
and am thinking maybe i
will be doing more and more
in the future!!

here i come!

here is a picture from
today's instagram.
i love, love, love that my
new workout leggings
remind me of
mystique from x-men!!! :)

have a wonderful week
my friends.


1 comment:

Susan Kane said...

If you somehow get lost or wander off, those shoes will be your key to being found.