Monday, February 3, 2014

comfort food

when i was growing up in
an italian home...
pasta of course was my go to
comfort food.

my favorite was something
mom made and i always asked
for it for my birthday or for
comforting times:
baked mac and cheese with
canned whole tomatoes.
i mean, let me tell ya...
i could eat tons and tons of
her casserole!
i still make this when i need
comfort food and i still
can eat tons and tons of it! :)

my other comfort food
was and STILL will always be:

my dad LOVED his popcorn
and would make it almost every night
and eat it while watching a few of his
favorite tv shows.
i LOVED popcorn as much as him
and have MANY wonderful, comforting
memories of him and i eating big, huge
bowls of buttery popcorn. :)
(i still make popcorn at least once a week
and eat a TON of it and am ALWAYS
reminded of my dad.)

when i took this little quiz
about comfort food
it did not surprise me at all...
that mac & cheese and popcorn
were right at the top of my list!

i went ahead and pinned my comfort foods
which was kind of fun! :)

“vote for your fave comfort foods by clicking on the images below and then clicking the done button. Share your picks on Pinterest and be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Contest ends 2/28/14.”
The boxes at the bottom will start you out on the voting and then hit NEXT to continue on! :) Good luck!


dandelionfleur said...

Fun memories!

Robyn Burke said...

yum. just the words 'comfort food' make me feel warm and cozy.

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

I'm a potatoes, pie girl! Trying to limit the potatoes though. :0) Hee-hee.