Friday, January 24, 2014

miss olive speaks

hi there!
it's me...
miss olive!

i am princess
hear me roar. :)

i hope you friends
had a wonderful christmas?

mine was a bit wild and crazy!

i am used to a pretty quiet house,
since it is only
me, and my human mom & dad
in the house...

of course sometimes
the one little grandson
 comes to visit.

i like him a lot
sometimes when he visits...

i hide
where no one
can find me. HA;)

so imagine
when i found out that
the other grandson
that lives in austria
would be staying here
in our house
for ten days!?

it was  WILD
and LOUD
and a whole
LOT of FUN!!

two boys in the house
ages three and five
sure can create

when i got tired of the
 cute & noisy boys,
i just ran and hid
here are 
the two boys
with my human 'dad'

after the holidays
there was a wedding and then
everyone went back home.

my human parents
were sad
to have everyone leave...
they LOVE & MISS
their family a lot.

but, now i have my 
humans all to 
myself again!
(no, i am not greedy!)

i mean, life is good
isn't it?

 i do not have to share
with the two boys
it kinda makes me happy

i love. love. love.
to snuggle and give kitty hugs
to my human 'mom'

but, i guess i cannot tell a lie 
now that everyone is gone

 it sure gets quiet around here!

maybe those
cute & noisy boys
will come back soon to visit
and then my humans will be happy
and it won't be so quiet

all. the. time. :)

miss olive



Linda said...

How sweet!! Good times were had by all. There's something really lonely about the quiet afterwards though. I feel that way after spending the day in Quadville and then we come back to our quiet home.

Anna said...

Cute post! :)