Thursday, November 7, 2013

leaving on a jet plane

it has been just a bit stressful around here. :)

what with my mother in law's dementia
becoming more and more evident.
she forgets to eat, forgets to take her insulin...
thinks people are stealing her things
when she cannot find them.

we took the car keys away from her.
no more driving! phew.

but, there are doctors visits,
and the daily care of her...
the list goes on and on.

my sister in laws and one brother in law
have been helping my husband
quite a bit!
so much in fact, he doesn't feel like
he is taking this ALL on himself.

(thank you to his family, from me!)

but, this has been taking up so much
time and energy...
and we have a wedding to plan too! ;)

i am getting the family home from austria
since they are all in the wedding
and also texting, calling and emailing with the
bride herself!

most days, i feel like a chicken with my head cut off!

so in the midst of all of this...
my youngest daughter (the bride) texts me:

i need my mommy.

i text back that with all the costs of the
wedding and getting the family home from austria
there is no way i can fly to california before the wedding.

she persists.

having me there to help her before the day
would be the BEST gift ever-
and she doesn't need any christmas gifts at all...
that she is asking for her mommy to come and that
is what she wants for christmas!

so i start checking out what i could do
what kinds of flights i could find.
how expensive would it be to fly?

i found a flight that i liked
it is right before thanksgiving
and the price wasn't too outrageous...

i then proceed to check into our air-miles
maybe, just maybe there would be enough
to at least get the price down a bit?

well, GOD is GOOD!

i had enough air-miles stored up
so that i am flying to see my baby girl
for FREE.
yes, i said for FREE!

i am so excited to see her sweet face!

we have a list of little things we are
going to take care of:
seeing the venue, making decorations together,
finding shoes and veil...oh yeah lots of things
on our to-do list! :)

i am blessed.
more than thankful.
and so very excited to see her
before it gets TOO crazy!
(when i come back, it will be with the family
and only a day or two before the big day!)

oh yes!




LindyLou Mac said...

How lovely that you are able to get away and spend some quality time with your daughter before the big day.

dandelionfleur said...

What awesome news!!! Enjoy and bless your baby girl!!!

Melody Olson said...

Thank you. thank you. thank you! :) I am so happy and excited to see her sweet face. Now I just need to wait until the 22nd to fly there! do I do that? LOL

Anna said...

Yay! That's wonderful. I know you both will enjoy that time together, making great memories! :)

thisisme said...

So happy for you and your daughter that you are able to spend some time together, and for FREE! Sorry to hear about your poor mother in law. It's certainly not easy dealing with dementia.

Robyn Burke said...

this makes me so happy-- in more ways than one!! You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers and I am delighted that support has been there for you during this time. Love, Love, Love that you are going to help the bride!! Blessings my dear friend!!

Sweet Tea said...

VERY exciting.
What a BIG year this is for your family. Glad you got to make this trip!!