Tuesday, November 12, 2013

a sweet little swap

i am having fun with the swaps
i have been joining.

this one was a ton of fun.
we had a limit of fifteen dollars
and a few ideas of what the
swap partner liked.

it was fun shopping for
someone else and exciting
to see how well it was received!

i happened to get my friend laura
as my partner
and was happy to know she
liked all the things i picked out
for her! :)

jenni got me as a partner
and she did an awesome job
getting me things i wanted/needed!

i walk usually six days a week-
and i live in the pnw
where it gets chilly this time of year.
i have always been a fair weather walker;
in fact, i have been saying that as the
weather gets colder and wetter
i am not sure how consistent my walks
will be. :) haha

so, with that info in mind...
jenni sent me some 
fleece gloves and matching ear warmers
along with a sweet journal!

i love them! thank you, jenni!

each gift was wrapped individually
and had a sweet little note stuck inside them. :)

fun times. fun times.


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