Wednesday, May 22, 2013

weekend photo extravaganza!

we left on friday mid-morning
for the 5 hour drive to see my husband's
two sisters and family.

it is truly, our home away from home. :)

first thing that happened?

a flat tire on the freeway!
my husband put on the donut spare tire
and we took the next exit three miles away.
stopping at a brake and alignment place;
a real mom & pop kind of place...
where they dropped everything and began
fixing us up with a tire!

funny how things work,
we told him our daughter was meeting us
in portland but, lives in california
and he was from the same town!

such kindness to drop what he
was doing and help us.

we met our daughter's new man
he is so sweet.
we really liked him!

he is a pastor in california and
the joy i witnessed on her face
was immeasurable!

in fact, the joy and happiness
they both had, just overflowed!

it was wonderful to witness.

we played tourist this visit
which was pretty fun!

we went to multnomah falls, oregon
it is amazing there!
the view was so beautiful.

God's creation is perfect!

i wish i had a copy of
the picture of my daughter and eddie
at the falls;
it. might. be. my. favorite. picture. ever!

yes, the three of us stood in the rain
for something like 20 minutes to get these
voodoo doughnuts.

it. was. so. worth. it!!! :)

then it was off to
bonneville fish hatchery
where we fed giant fish
and viewed these
GINORMOUS sturgeon!
they look prehistoric to me. :)

my sister and i

(actually my husband's sister, but i claim her and love her dearly!!)

my husband and i 
with his sister and her husband.
my husband and i 
with our youngest daughter and her man.

our daughter & her man
along with her aunt and uncle!

and last but, not least
we went to menchies for frozen yogurt;
there was a sign that i adored
and i leave you with
it's simple but, valid message!!



thisisme said...

Wonderful photos - well, apart from hubby having to change the tyre !! Your daughter and her boyfriend do indeed look truly happy. That's all we can ask for our children really , isn't it. Although it doesn't always work out of course. Sending shiny blessings your way .

Robyn Burke said...

looks like a fun awesome weekend. I can hear your heart singing from the joy of it. :)