Saturday, May 25, 2013

the weekend awaits

my hubs; the farmer boy
comes from a very large family.

we live on the farm that
he grew up on.
a third generation dairy. :)

a LOT of his relatives live nearby
and this weekend a race called:
'ski to sea' will be held.
it starts at mt. baker;
1. cross country ski
2. down hill ski
3. running
4. road bike
5. canoe
6. cross country bike
and finally
7. sea kayak!

my husband is doing leg 5 with his cousin
this ought to prove to be pretty fun to watch
i can tell ya that!
my daughter, grandson and i plan to
go along the route and cheer him on (or laugh at him) ;)

we will be going to an after party after the last leg
and i decided to bring bars along.
oh my goodness.
even licking the bowl was like heaven!!!

no bake nutter butter/ butterfinger bars.
what diet you say? LOL

i will be taking loads of pictures of the
race and my husband and the team...
for now;
everyone have a lovely and most blessed memorial weekend!

if anyone is interested here is a link on the history of the race. it has been going on since 1911 :)


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dandelionfleur said...

Neat! Hope you all have a blast!