Monday, March 4, 2013

i choose joy

happy monday!
i woke today with a stiff neck. boo.
but, then i walk by my  calendar for march and this is what i see
staring back at me:
yes, indeed
i will choose 
i will choose
today is a new day.
a new beginning
a day to start fresh

happy monday to us all!

be blessed today.
share your smile & 
share your joy
with someone!

and to share something that brings me GREAT joy?
here is a picture of my friends and i after our four mile walk on saturday.

i am blessed beyond measure.
i am thankful
for each and everyone of these friends.
their friendship brings me much
joy & happiness.



Linda said...

Love your JOYFUL post! I needed it this morning. Louis Dean is off on a journey to slay dragons and I worry about him. I am here and I shall choose JOY - and pray! We have a rent house that has been trashed by our renters and he is on his own trying to deal with it! Instead of worrying I will keep a grateful heart!

Nonnie said...

I think being thankful brings joy. I'm glad you chose joy and to be thankful. Happy day.