Thursday, January 17, 2013

what's on my phone? :)

i am a phone camera junkie :)
and decided to post some of my
iphone photos
from this week;

popcorn makes a 
night home in front of the tv
with the fireplace 
that much more wonderful

a thrifted fur vest originally from ross :)

 sweet miss olive

a date outfit :)
leggings, boots and jean jacket along with
thrifted mens shirt. 
that is what i call cute & comfy! 

my new kindle fire 
a gift from my husband for christmas
my favorite pop and a leftover candy cane...
while sitting in front of the fire equals

annd finally...

my latest breakfast obsession;
vanilla flavored greek yogurt
and sliced banana. yum

this is my week in iphone 

have a lovely weekend
my dear sweet friends.

will you join me
seeing beautiful 
this weekend?

will you join me 
shining our lights
and spreading some sunshine?

will you join me
 smiling that lovely smile of yours?!

let's shine!



Linda said...

Great pics from a phone!! I hope to get a new phone next summer. So far I bet I am one of the FEW people to still use a cell phone that is ONLY a cell phone!!

Say What? said...

I, too am a camera phone junkie. :) Good idea for a post.

Chandra said...

I will shine right along with you! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment so I could make my way over to you. I love how you are able to find beauty and pleasure in the simplicity of life. Enjoy your weekend;)

thisisme said...

You're right melody-mae - we MUST keep shining! Loved all the outfits in your post today and, of course, Miss Olive is beautiful. Good post. Have a lovely weekend.

Empty Nester said...

Your outfits are always so cute! And yes! I will join you in sharing smiles and seeing beautiful!

Holly Oshesky said...

I love that you can admit that you are an i-phone junkie. I am too. I love the pic of the kindle fire in front of fire.

Andrea @ This Pug Life said...

Olive is so cute. I love her little fishy tag. :)

Abbey Rodriguez said...

Little Olive is the cutest. We will be having a very fun and shiny weekend :) Hope you have a lovely weekend, too!

♥Abbey | Along Abbey Road

Shannon said...

I just got a Kindle Fire too and I love it!!! What great pictures. Now I want a bowl of popcorn. :)

myshelomitashop said...

I love the boots! And the breakfast indeed looks yum :)