Tuesday, January 22, 2013

accepting challenges

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our church has been offering 
different challenges for the congregation
& opportunities for growth.

two i am tackling:
new testament- 49 day reading plan
a prayer of thanksgiving
to do daily

i took the 
challenge of the 49 day
new testament reading.

i love to read!

lately i have
been reading approximately 2-3 books
a week
but, i had missed a lot of days for the 49 day plan
and wasn't looking forward to playing 'catch up'...
then on sunday 
the pastor said,
"i don't care if it takes you
49, 69 or 89 days
as long as you get through it!!"

then, tonight at small group
we were given a prayer;
our challenge is to
read it every day 
until our small group 
meets next month.

if anyone is interested in joining me, 
i will be reading this every day-
starting tomorrow morning! :)

for thirty days
i will commit to read it 

here it is:

My dear Father in Heaven-
I come to you today as a child of God
who has been adopted into your eternal family.
I come as a person who is a new creation in Christ
who is completely reconciled to you.
Not by what I have done,
but by what you have done for me
in Christ and on my behalf.

I thank you today that I am justified
because Jesus was made a sin offering for me and 
that you have made me the righteousness of God in Christ.

I thank you today that my life is now hidden with Christ in God
I thank you that you will never count my sins against me
I thank you I am blessed
I thank you I have been rescued
I thank you I am redeemed
I thank you I am free from condemnation
I thank you my mind is renewed
I thank you my life is transformed
I thank you I am like a tree by the river
I thank you I am bearing fruit
I thank you I am connected to the vine
I thank you I am God's workmanship
I thank you I have been chosen
I thank you I am on over comer
I thank you I am filled with the Holy Spirit
I thank you I can do all things through Christ
I thank you that you answer prayer
I thank you for the power of faith

i plan to read this prayer through
every morning while
having my morning coffee.
if you decide to join me
in saying this every morning
will you please let me know? 
i would love to hear from
and share it with you.

shiny blessings. :)



dandelionfleur said...

I cannot commit to reading it every day--because it's all I can do to complete the things I've already committed to, BUT I love it. I can see how reading it daily will make an impact.

Nonnie said...

I am with dandelionfleur, however, one of my commitments is to reading the Bible through again this year. I am always thankful for each one of the things mentioned in that prayer. Are we not the most blessed of all people when we know we are His children in Christ?