Thursday, January 3, 2013

twenty nine years

twenty nine years old?
how did the years fly by so fast ?
our middle daughter turned twenty nine today.

i remember that day as if it was yesterday!

when she was born
she had dark almost black hair
my mom is italian, so i thought she was going to have mom's coloring
but, a few days later that dark hair turned into gorgeous red hair! 

tawni was born 
and my heart burst with the love i had for this little
spit fire red-head.
i didn't know i could love another child more than my first daughter
but, the love just overflowed...
our hearts are able to love & love
if we only allow it to!

that little red-haired girl
grew into this amazing woman
who i could not be more proud of.

she is now married to an amazing christian man-
(they live in austria as missionaries.)

the two of them gave me a sweet grandson & 
my love overflowed...
it just plain spilled over

the first time he said, "ga-anny"
my heart burst into itty bitty pieces!

today as she celebrates her birthday
in vienna, austria
i remember that sweet little, freckly face
constantly singing and dancing
and it makes my heart smile.

i am blessed to call her my daughter
and to be a part of her life.

happy birthday sweetheart!



Deanna said...

She's lovely and i'm sure a blessing to many!
God bless and may you all have a wonderful new year.

running4him said...

Super cool and encouraging reading that, finally a second generation Christian success story))) Being a missionary is the best job ever)))))

Hanna said...

Beautiful pictures melody!!! I too am looking forward to one day being a grandma:)

my thrifty closet said...

aww...happy belated birthday! What a sweet story of your daughter, you are a proud mom and grandma! What a great blessing from God...May the Lord continue to bless your journey as a mom and wife and grannny! Thank you so much for thinking about me, hope to be back in the bloggy world some day. This is not the season for me yet I guess...take care Melody!


Bethany said...