Friday, November 23, 2012

more than enough

my life is full
i really do have enough
of everything.

i need nothing.
truly. i am content.

with that said,
we had a wonderful thanksgiving
with our family
where we ate more than enough! :)
husband & i.
brother & i
my mom & i
my niece & i
my grandson with hubbie & i :)
we celebrated with my side of the family
and our one daughter, son in law and grandson.
we  sure MISSED our daughter, son in law and grandson in vienna, austria
and our daughter in california.

in the evening my husband
and i went on what i call an
M&M adventure!

we left the house at 9:30 pm last night-
and drove in to town to
have coffee, people watch
and then do some late night

this is the second year we have done this
and it has become a fun tradition.
we don't really have anything we
NEED. (we need nothing!)
but, it is more about the
adventure. about making memories.

we returned home this morning
at 7:30 am!!!
not bad for two grandparents!! ;)

we didn't come home empty handed.
we wound up getting a few small
stocking stuffers but, it was more
about the fun...spending time
with my best friend
making memories!

tell me. did you brave it last night?
did you go out this morning?

or do you stay home all cozy and
stay away from all the craziness? :)



Anna said...

I stayed in and did some online retail therapy. ;)

That corgi :) said...

enjoyed the pictures! Lots of blessings indeed!!

how neat you guys ventured out!! No shopping here, enjoyed my warm bed since I had to work this morning!


Robyn Burke said...

happy to just stay home and make soup! (lots and lots of soup)

Just Jenn said...

Stayed in.... Too cozy at home. Enjoyed family time. Great pics!

Shannon Lawrence said...

I think that sounds lovely! No, I stay in. My husband, however, did get up at 5:30am to go to one specific store for something. Then he came home and went back to sleep.

Shannon at The Warrior Muse

Peggy said...

I agree, it's more about the fun and the adventure! My daughter and I went out at 9:00 pm and had coffee, then shopped Target for a bit - got what we wanted on sale! It was fun!