Monday, November 19, 2012


rainy monday-

buckets of cold, wet rain
fall down.

warm and safe
i sit inside
and watch the rain
tumble from the sky
 & puddle up
on the ground outside.


i am so thankful today
for so many blessings.
life. health. family. friends.
in fact, there are far too many to even try to list.

my heart is full
i am content.
my cup overflows.



Mama Ds Dozen said...

As I sit inside on this gray and rainy day, I was thinking of you and your nice warm fireplace (the one that Miss Olive so appreciates). Oh how I wish that we had an insert to put in our 1970s fireplace.

Be warm. Be blessed.

Looking forward to coffee tomorrow morning.

Laurel :)

Just Jenn said...

Beautiful...... :)

Nonnie said...

I don't know where you are, but I sure would enjoy some rain such as you describe. Love a cozy day watching rain soak up the ground.

That corgi :) said...

thanks for visiting my blog (A Bench with a View) and your kind comment :)

How neat to be content with a cup that overflows on a rainy day! I do enjoy the rain but I'm so much more content when the sun is shining and it is warm outside :)

may tomorrow be a very wonderful day!