Tuesday, October 16, 2012


what a wonderful
get away we had.

we drove the approximately 
five hours to get to 
portland, oregon
to be with family

our daughter
met us there
she drove up from california
over seven hours for her.
but, we were all together
and it was lovely indeed.

we had a great time.
there was shopping, lots of food,
laughing, visiting and the main event
was the oregon korea benefit auction!

some photos of the auction:

my husband, his sister and i

hubs and i

our daughter and her fiance'

the following morning 
after breakfast
 we said goodbye
to the kids-
then my sister in law
and brother in law
took us wine tasting.
what a beautiful day
it was!

one of the actual owners of this vineyard
took us on a personal tour!

my sister in law and i
at the vineyard.
it was a time
to be:
 to relax,
and reconnect

i am so thankful
for the time i spent 
with people 
i love very much
did you have time to
relax and reconnect this weekend?



Sweet Tea said...

What a beautiful time you and I'm happy for you. You and your hubs are such a cute couple!...Later this week I have a GF Get-away. Can't wait!!

Thoughts for the day said...

you were in Portland? not that far from me, I am 45 minutes away.

Rockin My Journey said...

Hi Melody...Janice here i had to change the name to my blog no more Footsteps I am now Rockin my journey.
Thanks for sharing the fun photos you all look so relaxed and that is the way get a ways should be. How are the kids do in Switzerland have they got settled into a family routine I still say a prayer for you all :))

Amy Fashion Blog said...

glad you had a great time

Windy City Mama said...

Your family is beautiful! One day I must go to a vineyard. Wine is one of my favorite things. :)