Thursday, October 11, 2012

pumpkins & corn, oh my

we live, own and operate
a dairy farm

my husband has been working
to get our grass and corn harvested

trucks were filled to the brim
with corn which was dumped
& then tractors worked
to stack and pack
that mountain of corn

one of the piles was huge!

i took a few pictures but,
really truly they do not
do it justice.
there is no way to truly
grasp how very high that
mountain of corn
really was!!

later that day my daughter and i 
took little guy to a pumpkin patch
so he could pick out
some bright orange pumpkins! :)

the corn is all in
and hubbie can now relax
for a few days before
it is time to get the manure
on the grass-

so we are taking a 
few days and escaping to 
portland, oregon to visit
his two sisters and families.

we are going to a benefit dinner;
one of my sister in laws is very
involved in the oregon korean foundation.
both of my sister in laws
were adopted from korea.

our youngest daughter
who moved to california
last month is driving up to see us 
for the weekend too,
i get to hear all about her
new job and see her sweet face!!

it is a time for:
eating lots &
staying up late-

so much fun
to be had!

what do you have planned 
for the weekend?

be blessed and 
shine, my friend shine!

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