Thursday, September 20, 2012

this & that thankful thursday

a little of this
a little of that
for this
thankful thursday.

hydrangeas from my yard


a walk with my husband
trees. sunshine. red leaves.

lovely indeed.

i had my hair cut
by my niece who is
a brand new stylist.
she layered and textured it
so the curls are all bouncy again.

love it.

yesterday my husband and i
went on a two hour road trip
the sun was shining it was amazing-


he wanted to check out this old 64' ford truck
for our farm 
that he found on craigslist.

don't you LOVE that color?!

we drove over deception pass here in washington.
oh it is so amazing.
i haven't been there in over fifteen years
and it just killed me not to stop and take pictures.

my husband was on a 'mission' to get to that truck
and then on the way home, 
i was following him and he didn't want to stop
with the big old truck then either...
how sad for me...
the sun was glistening off the water 
people were pulled over taking pictures 
and i drove by without stopping. 
boo. hoo.

it was a nice day for a drive though.

loved that.

today i am watching our two year old grandson
while mommy does our bookkeeping.

we went outside
he spotted the big mower on the lawn
which he promptly decided to fix
with his plastic pliers. :)

gotta love that!

so a bit of this
and a bit of that
for this lovely
thankful thursday.

may you have things 
in your life
that make you 
smile and bring you



Two Succulent Sisters said...

Bummer about not getting pictures. I've been in that place. You gotta just let it go. What else, right? Your little boy is pretty cute. :)Linda

Chris Graham said...

What a beautiful post.
Thankful sums it up.
I call all those gems you shared
"nuggets"(God's presence in our lives).
Have a beautiful Friday.

Linda Chapman said...

ALWAYS!!! There are ALWAYS so many things to be grateful for!!

Loved your post and I love your hair!! I keep mine so SHORT these days.....I just don't 'do' hair anymore!

Robyn Burke said...

if you want to go back for pictures give me a shout! I'll be more than happy to pull over ;) love that area!!

Robyn Burke said...

And, I meant to say I LOVE THE COLOR OF THE TRUCK!!

Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

ooooh beautiful flowers! and I really like your haircut! I love the way you curled it, really cute!

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Love your new haircut! And yes, I love the color of that truck!