Thursday, September 13, 2012



she spreads her wings
and in doing so;
she flies

with hopes & dreams
to fulfill

i wish her happiness & 
as she soars
far away 

that the mother bird
nourishes and teaches her baby birds 
and then she
must let them go,
watching them as they
fly away

when their wings are strong enough;
they leave the nest 
they fly
they soar

my sweet baby birds
i love you enough

to let you go 

may you happily

may you remember
how much you are loved and
that the nest is
always here.



Mama D’s Dozen said...


As you know . . . I have also taught my children how to fly, and they are soaring all over the country and around the world. It really is a beautiful thing to watch the Lord guide their flights . . . even when our nests are a bit lonelier.


Laurel :)

Thoughts for the day said...

Very sweet, and a promise for them all.

thisisme said...

Beautiful words from a mum to her children! We must feel proud of them that they feel confident enough to soar like this.

mail4rosey said...

I have two years ago, another at the end of summer. It's bitter sweet to be the Mama Bird sometimes. I can't imagine when the last one flutters away... but I know it will be okay.

I loved your tribute.

Katherines Corner said...

love it. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Your participation helps make it a success.I'm sorry I am slow to visit I am fighting a nasty head cold and my time on the computer has been limited.Wishing you a beautiful day .xo