Wednesday, August 1, 2012

bits of my heart

life has been a blur
we have been to the park,
the river, to the ocean,
rode a ferry boat

played games, went to dinner
 had movie nights
with lots of junk food ;)

we tried to just make as 
many memories as possible
knowing full well
that sunday
july 30th 
the car would be loaded up
and off they would go

sunday arrived.
we went to church
and i had the honor
of singing with my daughter
 and son in law
on the worship team
something that i will
never, ever forget;
it was such a blessing
to me!

after church
everyone met here 
at the house.
all three daughters
and the son in laws
and both grandsons

we tried to keep it
as low-keyed and casual
as we could

we had a dq ice cream cake
which i had 
'auf wiedersehen' 
put on
 for them;

one of the hardest 
days i have ever had
was sunday

i tried to keep it together
and not lose it
knowing full well
that if i lost it
everyone else would too

we took a family photo;

and then it was time for 
them to get in the car 
and drive to seattle;

monday they
caught the plane
for vienna.
i have heard from them
and they arrived safely! :)

i held it together
all day sunday
and then monday
i went for my morning walk
 i was out in our 
where it was private
and i lost it
just totally lost it...
ugly, gut wrenching sobs.

i am better now-
truly i am.

my daughter & son in law
 are amazing
and i am so proud of them...
that they could listen to
God's call to them,
really listen
and drop everything
and follow him.
what a blessing they will
be to so many lives!

i am still shining,
may be a little duller
than usual
but, i am shining! :)

*thank you to my
daughter, tessa for taking
the photos and allowing
me to post them!



Thisisme. said...

Beautiful photos, Melody-mae. Lovely to have that one of all the family together like that.I'm so glad that you made all those memories, and really made the most of the time while you were still all together. I know that you are going to miss them terribly, which is only natural, and that little boy has SUCH a cute smile. He's gorgeous! Hopefully you will be able to SKYPE a lot to make things just a little bit easier for you. I pray that the Lord will help you through this, but you are so right to be proud of your daughter and son in law. Hugs my friend.

Sweet Tea said...

I love your honesty.
And I love hearing about your wonderful family.
The photos are "icing on the cake".

Thoughts for the day said...

I know it is hard for you, your heart must be just stirred, but you also know that they will be safe and two years is a short amount of time. Do skype and write letters and send packages and create wonderful 'memories' through the mail.

dandelionfleur said...

I don't know why, but Newton's Third Law came to mind as I was reading this. Maybe love and loss (even if temporary and only geographical)are equal in magnitude but opposite in direction--meaning you feel loss in direct proportion to how much you love. And in this way, do I see your deep (though temporary) loss as a gift, a sign at the great love that exists. And that's beautiful.

I'm not even sure I get what I just wrote--but it made sense as I was reading your post:).

songbyrd on the mountain said...

((hugs)) We'll be doing something (fun) together soon..... :)

Lydia Criss Mays said...

What a beautiful opportunity to sing together, and as you beautifully put it, make as many memories together as possible. We practically passed each other in the airport, as I left Vienna on Tuesday from visiting my sister. If you think they need anything all please let me know. My sister and her wonderful husband have been there for two years. I think I sent you her blog, but just in case:

Sending see beautiful thoughts your way!