Sunday, July 8, 2012

oh, sunshine

has finally arrived! 

mr. sun
has shown his face this
week in the pacific northwest 
and it is- lovely!

birds are chirping,
doves are cooing
as i sit in the backyard
on our porch swing
they sing to each other
in harmony
and it is peaceful
to sit and just listen.

a gentle breeze
washes over my face
and life is good-

i can hear the 
cows and calves
tractors starting up,
and the milker as he gets ready
to do the afternoon milking/chores...
such is
a day on the farm-

the rooster 
next door has walked over
to sit under our tree
he stirs up the ground
a bit and then
stretches and crows,
he doesn't just crow
in the morning
but, all day long!

on my way to church
i noticed a hawk
sitting on the wires above me.

he was gorgeous
and instantly i am 
flooded with memories
of my dad...

he knew all the names of 
birds along with their 'calls'
and before he died taught
a lot of them to our eldest daughter.

he always noticed the animals and birds
when we were driving...
and now
 every time i see a hawk floating
or sitting on a wire 
there is that sweet memory
 of him.

days like today
where it is still and quiet around here

help to remind me
be thankful
for it 

may i never forget
to sit. and. be. still-

to always, always be

life is good
it is a gift-

may i never
take it
or my loved ones
 for granted.



Sweet Tea said...

Yes, life is certainly the ultimate gift.
It's so wonderful that certain sights/smells/songs stir memories for us. Loved hearing about your Dad and the way he recognized the birds and their calls. That memory will be with you forever. . .Each Spring, when garden plants are in the stores, the memories of my Dad are front & center. He always had a garden. He taught me the how-to and left me with a love for things fresh from the garden.

Buttercup said...

Lovely post. I will be happy for some rain!

Mama D’s Dozen said...

Beautiful words . . . from a beautiful lady.

Our family has been enjoying the sunshine:

Friday at Birch Bay
Saturday at Mt. Baker
Sunday at Lake Padden

We sure do live in a beautiful part of our beautiful country.

:) :) :)

tammy doane said...

Your post reminds me of -"Be still and know that I am God." :) for your sunshine-wishing for rain here.

Lynn Proctor said...

so glad you had sun--lovely post and poetry :)