Monday, July 2, 2012

monday with miss olive

let me introduce myself:

my name is
miss olive
and i am 
newest family member.

i am adjusting 
to life
in her home  
on the dairy-farm
and having fun
getting to know those 
two little boys who
come to play with me
and try to pick me up
by my neck or my tail ;)

has decided to let me come visit 
her blog once in awhile
and share
with you, her friends
i look forward to it!

monday morning
i am sitting
making myself 
comfy & cozy
just enjoying my day
how about you?

i will be back
next monday
to say hi
until then
i hope you have a 
wonderful monday
a very 
lovely week!

~miss olive~



Thisisme. said...

Well, it's a real pleasure to meet you, Miss Olive! You look very cute in that photo, and I bet those two little boys love you to bits. Give my love to Melody-mae! Purrrr!!

Mama D’s Dozen said...


:) :) :)

Fiona said...

ah so so sweet!

Nice to meet you Miss Olive!!

Wishing you a lovely week
and I hope that you will be very happy in your new home.


fiona anderson said...

How odd, that on my first visit, there's another Fiona. Went to check her out - she's an Irish Fiona, I'm an English one !
Olive is adorable, my little dog would love to make friends - he's always desperate to play with cats !

Privet and Holly said...

Well hello, Miss Olive,
and aren't YOU just the
cutest kitten-blogger I
have had the pleasure to
meet! You'll be showing
the big boys how it's done
{on YOUR terms, no doubt!}
in no time.

Have a happy week!

xo Suzanne

songbyrd on the mountain said...

gotta love kittens. :) My cat loves to try and help me write quite often. But I won't let him post. I'm afraid he'll tell my secrets!!

Shawn said...

Miss Olive,
My name is Cecil, I live wiff my my mom, Shawn, Chloe (my sisfurr) and Winston ( my brofurr) you can come visit my bloggy and get to know us better! Also, if you would like, you can join the cat blogosphere beclaws I nose evefurry one would love to meet you!

Janice's footsteps said...

ahhh miss olive so sweet I love the tuxedos cats we have one her name is Phoebee and what a great hunter, I look forward to miss olives adventures :} thanks for sharing her with us :))

Chris said...

Hi Melody-mae, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

Katie Isabella said...

Hello there Miss Olive. As you can see when you come by, I too am a Tuxie. I hope you were kidding about being picked up by your neck or tail. xoxox

melody-mae said...

@Katie Isabella, I was kidding about the neck/tail. My mom is VERY watchful over me when the little boys come to play...thanks for visiting me today!