Friday, June 22, 2012

meet our new family member:)

it has been a year ago this month
that our little shih tzu, sophie

she got out of her runway and
was gone in a flash.

loud noises scared her
and we figure that is what happened-

so after a year of my husband telling
me no more inside pets...

i talked him into a kitty!

telling him that she will be both
an inside and outside pet,
he then agreed. :)

for a month or two i have been checking
craigslist looking for just the right one
and today,  june 22, 12
i brought her home!

i would like you to all meet;


she hasn't hardly moved off my lap
since i brought her home!
i think i have a blogging buddy! hehe

i thought of all kinds of fun names
having to do with black and white;
penguin, panda bear, oreo
flower (skunk from bambi)

and olive (black olives)
and of course olive because
i love the show fringe and the
character olivia/olive!

there were more names too but,
since jackson was here
i gave him those five to pick from
and he said, "olive" right away
and then, there was no changing his mind! :)

olive gray

the families last name that she
came from was gray.
seems like a perfect fit.

she is adjusting to her new home
 and is pretty sweet! :)

have a wonderful weekend!

*edited saturday morning to say
we have dropped the 'gray'-
so far, she is 'miss olive'
if she gets another middle name
i will let ya know! *



Jennifer Forbes said...

She's looks so sweet. I love kitty's I wish you well with her :)

Mama Violet said...


Buttercup said...

What a sweet kitty. Welcome to a great home, Miss Olive Gray!

Monica said...

So cute! Maybe you should post a few posts from Olive Grey's perspective, or point of view, that might be fun. Hope to see her again.

Patty said...

So sweet! Olive Gray looks just like an 8 week old little boy, named Thomas, that my daughter is fostering. Tuxedo cats have a devilish streak but are so much fun!

Good for you in giving Miss Olive a forever home!

Thoughts for the day said...

I want a new kitty some day...

Thisisme. said...

So cute! Welcome Miss Olive! She is very lucky to be in a home filled with so much love, and your little grandsons are going to love her to bits!

Shawn said...

Hello Miss Olive, you are adorable!

Debbie Huffaker said...

What a cutie pie!!! I've asked my hubby for a kitty, but so far he hasn't agreed!!! Thanks for your prayers for my brother and Mom!

Lynn Proctor said...

awwww very sweet :)