Thursday, May 3, 2012

thursday thoughts

i posted
during the challenge
what i called a
bucket list
of sorts.

in that post
i mentioned that
before my daughter,
son in law and grandson 
move away to be missionaries
in vienna, austria...
i had some 'bucket list'
things i wanted to do
as a family-

today i booked
a weekend get away...
two cabins on the pacific ocean!

two weeks before they move away
for two years
we will be enjoying 
hot tubs, hikes, beach combing, campfires,
and lots of family memory making...

this mom and granny
is smiling!
this thursday
has arrived so very quickly-

on quiet footsteps
it moved,
just slid right
up to the door
without a sound-
sneaking right under
the doormat
and crept right in!

may i not take it for granted
but, be happy in this day
and every day that

oh, let the sun shine in 
and face it with a grin-
open up your heart
and let the sun shine in!

be blessed-



Linda Chapman said...

Beautiful post! And GOOD FOR YOU on booking your getaway!!

running4him said...

Super Awesome!!! Vienna is a really needy place, I have been through it about 20 times. So many people...

Thoughts for the day said...

oh to be at the ocean would be wonderful...if we have to deal with rain and wind I would rather be watching a wild wave or two.

Regina said...

Hello! It took me long than it should but here I am visit and becoming a follower of your blog.

What a great idea you had, enjoy your family in such a nice environment. Have a great time with your family.

Susan Kane said...

Lovely post...I know the feeling of time slipping away, and then my kids moved on with their lives. Have a great time on the ocean. Remember everything.

Sweet Tea said...

Precious "TIME".
Good for you for planning it wisely and with purpose.

Thisisme. said...

How wonderful for you all to be able to spend that precious time together (and beside the ocean too!) before the family jet off to Vienna. I know how much you are going to miss them :( In life, we really have to take time out to do things like this, before the time has gone.

Shelly said...

A wonderful post- I am so happy for you all that you will have the time together before they leave. I'm sure you will be squeezing every bit out of it you can!