Saturday, May 19, 2012

ready or not?!

trying not to
hang on so tightly

this i know;
i need
to set them free

deep down i know
they need to go
out into the world

to shine their light

to share his love
with others*

to live confidently
on their own
so very
far away from

i cannot smother
i must not cling
but, to let them
go and spread
their wings

a hole
in my heart
left by their

i know, yes, i know
it is time
it is right
to take a deep breath,
to smile
this emptiness
and to be ever
so proud
of them

as hard as it is;
ready or not
i will let go


*our daughter tawni, her husband sean
along with my three year old grandson, jackson
will be moving at the end of july
to vienna, austria for missionary work


Mama D’s Dozen said...

Oh how I understand this journey. It is so not fun ... and oh so hard ... but we must REJOICE for ALL that the LORD is doing in and through our "kids" ... even when it is happening across the world from us.

Hugs from a Mama that understands the pain of letting go.

:) :) :)

Sweet Tea said...

I can't even imagine just how difficult this must be for you. "God grant you the strength..." (((HUGS)))
Lovely poem!

songbyrd on the mountain said...

your friends (me!!) will be here to hold you and help you adjust. ((hugs))

Janice's footsteps said...

With technology you are in a better situation then 10 years ago when kids left for missions it still is sooo extremely difficult but you have so much support & love from so many all over the world how cool is that?? I am praying for all of you daily & come July when the tears are flowing we all will keep you going!

running4him said...

Go missionaries!!! woohhoo