Tuesday, May 22, 2012

it lasts forever

while on a lunch date
with my husband
i ran to the 
restaurant bathroom
there on the wall was this:

could not stop myself
from snapping this
picture with my

it really says it all
doesn't it?

we try to store so many
treasures here on this
and it really doesn't matter
does it?
it all could be gone in
an instant

all our earthly possessions
mean nothing 

in the end;
when all is said
and done
i would hope 
that the people
i love
will know 
how much they were loved
and adored
by me.
that there will not
be any doubt
about what they
meant to me,
how much
i treasured them

 and that because of our
faith and our belief
it will not be the end
i will see them again
heaven is

isn't that really
the only thing that matters!?


Sweet Tea said...

No arguing with this post.
You nailed it.
We need to think about this more often.

tammy doane said...

So true!

Tracy said...

M & M,
You got it...and so true! We need to enjoy each and every moment with our loved ones and never deny the opportunity to tell those we love how we feel...grat post!

Mama D’s Dozen said...

LOVE it!

So hard to have broken family relationships ... knowing that some of our Big Kids really don't know how much we love them. :(

We had a track meet next door to you again today. Would have loved to stop in for a peek at your "new" kitchen, but had to head off to baseball games.

:) :) :)

mare ball said...

Who'da thought there'd be such wisdom on a bathroom wall? How delightful! Love it. And yes, it is the only thing that matters. :-)

Jennifer Brown Banks said...

Simply lovely, my dear. Lovely indeed. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Ann said...

Hi, Melody! It's my first time here at your blog. I really have enjoyed hopping around here and feel your positive enthusiasm everywhere! What a great photo share, too! It makes us all stop and think. I wonder whoever wrote it, what she was going thru or thinking about at the time. And if she only knew how many people have been already influenced by it. Stop over at my blog, if you get a chance!

In His Lo♥e, Ann

Hyacynth said...

Beautifully written and expressed! And yes. I'm going to hold onto these thoughts, hold them deep in my heart.

Melissa H said...

So true and lovely.

I too have snapped pictures in bathrooms b/c of quotes!