Friday, April 20, 2012

a redhead

"once in his life, every man is entitled 
to fall madly in love with a gorgeous
redhead."-lucille ball

i grew up and still am
a  natural redhead.
this may not seem like
that big of a shocker...
but, as a little girl i was
the only one in my
immediate family with
red hair.

my mother is italian.
she has this gorgeous
black hair, big brown eyes
and olive skin.
my two brothers have
black hair and brown eyes as well.
my dad had brown hair
with green eyes...

i have my mom's olive skin,
my dad's green eyes...
and i have red hair.
the only one in a family of five
with red hair.

when i was in school,
i asked my mom if i was adopted
because i didn't have the same
coloring as my family.

i wanted to dye my hair black
and my very wise mother said,
i could, when i was old enough...
but, by the time i was old enough
i had decided that i liked having
that red hair!
yep, i never dyed it black! ;)

my husband and i have
three daughters...
the oldest has light brown hair
with gold highlights
and the other two girls
have red hair and
all three girls have green eyes.

i went from growing up the the only one,
to having a family full of
green-eyed redheads! :)

i have heard that in order for
a person to be born a red head,
there has to be a history
of red hair on both
sides of the family.
which in my case;
an auburn headed grandma on one side
and a strawberry blond grandma on the other side.

all of my son-in-laws are dark eyed
with dark hair-
none of them can think of
any red heads anywhere in the lineage...
red hair might just stop with our girls!

letter r is for redheads :)

i found a few fun sites about redheads
like this one: here where i found fun
pros and cons of being a redhead!

You can be angry and be excused for it, because if you know us well,
you know all you have to do is wait 5 minutes and WHA's over.

When we run into another redhead....its like a silent club. 

Redheads are known to have a complicated personality, and are considered a myth. 
There has yet to be seen a simple-natured Redheaded female. 
Those that I've met so far matched the myth.



Janice's footsteps said...

I think your red hair is beautiful and DO NOT change it or you EVER!!!

jen@ living a full life said...

My son Eric was born with red hair, I was so excited. Then when I brought him home from the hospital slowly but surly I'd find little bits of red hair in his crib, and I cried every time I found it. He ended up being a blond.

Thoughts for the day said...

HOW cute, I think red hair is awesome, my own is brown with a mix of slight grey, you are uniquely made by God and I am so happy you have never 'dyed' your hair. Be glad you are special.

songbyrd on the mountain said...

I may not be a natural born red-head but I am told my personality matches my hair color.... :)

Janet Beckwith Macy said...

How fun. Red is for ravishingly beautiful women.

Retired Knitter said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I came to return the favor, but discovered I enjoyed your blog as well.

This post rang a bell with me. I was born into a family of brunettes. Dad had almost black hair, hazel green eyes, and olive complexion. Mom was also a brown eyed, brown haired woman. All my family on both sides was brown, brown, brown.

I was born blond. To this day I am a sandy blond but I have my dad's hazel green eyes. My sister was born after me, dark like dad.

I don't remember wanting brown hair or even questioning my looks at all. But I am 65 and have so little gray that it is hard to believe. That is a gift of my grandmother who didn't gray until she was in 70s.

Genetics! It is a wonderous thing.