Friday, March 23, 2012

friday & five things

another friday
has arrived!

these five things
(and more)
i am thinking about
on this lovely day-

babysitting for a few hours
for the littlest grandson.

bringing a warm meal to
a family from our church
who just had a little baby.

going through and purging
'stuff'. it is amazing how much
a person hoards accumulates!

the sun is out!
i want/need to go for a walk a little later
and enjoy the sun, while i can!

time with family.
is always the best way
to spend
a weekend!

what about you?
do you have plans this weekend?

i hope that no matter what
is in store for you,
that you are able
to look & to find
something lovely.
something beautiful.




Outside Looking In said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned! I'm planning on enjoying some quiet time and resting up before tackling my closet! UGH! Have a great weekend!

Sweet Tea said...

My weekend is a big "?", but the weather is lovely here so I'm sure Mister and I will find some thing spontaneous to do. Love the weekend!

Mama D’s Dozen said...

We had an amazing track meet tonight ... a 6 hour meet with 14 teams ... and the SUN was shining this afternoon. Yea!

I get to stay home and REST tomorrow.

And ... on Sunday ... I get to go see my sweet new Grandson. And, I get to take him to meet his great-grandpa. And ... 5 of my big kids and teens get to go meet their nephew for the first time. Grandma is going to be TAKIN' PICTURES on Sunday. :)

Hope your weekend is BLESSED!

Laurel :)