Thursday, February 2, 2012

on the look out for beauty

in yesterday's post
i shared 
how i want
to make a difference
and shine my light
to others...

you truly can make
a difference
in even the smallest of

i have been seeing
more beauty lately
in the everyday 

maybe i just want to see it?
but, yesterday
i watched a woman approach
a man standing on a corner with a sign...
she didn't just roll down her window
but she parked her car
got out and walked up to him

he was dirty and his
head was down
and she walked right up to him
and stuck out her hand and shook his.

i was at the stop sign 
and i just smiled inside
as i witnessed someone
reaching out,
she looked over at me
and we had eye contact 
and i smiled at her and nodded.

what a beautiful gesture it was
to offer him friendship
it must of been a bit hard
and maybe even scary
but she did it
and i saw 
in it.

my word of the year
is kindness-

i shared kindness with a friend,
and yesterday 
i also witnessed

it was beautiful.



songbyrd on the mountain said...

(forgive me if this becomes a duplicate comment. having some issues with posting this morning)

a story is told about a little boy who was asked to define 'loving kindness". He said "well, if you gave someone who was hungry a piece of bread, that would be kindness. but if you spread fresh jam on that slice of bread before you gave it, that would be lovingkindness."
you my dear friend, offer lovingkindness, not just yesterday but every day. Blessings!!

Lydia Criss Mays said...

It is beautiful. Today we wrote about "How To Heal a Broken Wing" and it mirrors this sentiment.

How often have we passed a person in need while we're ferociously on the go? What if we slowed down? What if the most important part of your day wasn't fulfilling the list of never-ending-tasks on your ever-growing-to-do list? What if the most important part of your day was accepting spontaneity when it presented itself in the form of helping another? What if the most important part of your day was picking up the trash littered on the sidewalk in front of you? Perhaps your swift act of tossing an item in the trash (or hopefully recycling) saved an animal from ingesting something he couldn't digest? What if your shared smile to a stranger is the only one a person receives that day and it warms a heart, offering hope? What if your patience in a busy world teaches a child to be kinder?

Happy seeing beautiful!