Friday, February 3, 2012

oh, hello friday!

oh, hello friday
i am so glad you are here!

you are just
so lovely-
you bring me 
one more day closer to

you are
my favorite day!

i suppose it
stems from
when i was little and there
would be no school,
which also
meant getting up
& watching saturday morning cartoons
in my jammies with my 
two brothers.

could be a day
 of relaxing & 
the possibility of
 a date night?
yes, please!

although now
saturday usually
means sleeping in just a 
bit longer &
setting no alarms...

it means
taking my time
waking up over
a hot cup of coffee
and deciding if i really
want to 'tackle' the laundry
and housework i have
ignored all week! LOL

maybe i should
just say
are my favorite? :)

which is one day
closer to saturday
sunday which is 
a day for me 
to worship
and then spend quality
family time!!

this sunday the kids will be here
to watch the superbowl 
on our big screen!:)

this friday,
i have errands to run...
but, my husband
is going along
with me 
which usually means
 a stop
at the coffee shop!!:)

oh yes,
friday you are
so  lovely!

so tell me,
do you have a favorite day
of the week?
leave me a comment 
and tell me why!?


this post HERE has some exciting news about GFC leaving us and another option that is available. i just added the linky to my sidebar and hope you join me!


Lydia Criss Mays said...

Hmmm...picking a favorite day is so hard. In general, I guess I'd shoot for Saturday too, but I never want to wish the other days away. There's something beautiful in each of them.

Happy seeing beautiful!

thistlewoodfarm said...

Thursdays are my favorite day because I get to spend it with my husband! I love all the inspiration....and I just signed up on as your newest linky follower.


Anna said...

Since my hubby's work schedule varies, it's whatever day he is home. This is the best time because we get to spend quality time together.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Paul Tobin said...

Interesting post, though i could not tell you what is my favourite day-I think it changes.