Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a chance to be kind

words are also actions, and actions are a kind of words.
ralph waldo emerson

i had a chance 
to practice kindness

in the snack area at costco
as i wait for my husband 
to come back to our table

an elderly lady
walks up and asks 
if she could sit for awhile
and rest.

i smiled at her
and said of course!
i told her i was waiting 
for my husband to return
and we would be leaving
and she could have the
whole table...

she was thankful for
a place to sit & rest 
we visited for awhile
talking about how easy
it is to be nice, it really
doesn't take much effort
to hold a door for someone
or in her case she said 
how nice it is for someone
to just smile. :)

we just talked for a bit...

when my husband returned
i told her i was going
and to have a good day
and she said, "thanks for
visiting with me today!"

as i walked away mark asked
me how i knew her?
and i told him, "oh she just needed
a place to sit and rest!" :)

a smile and or small simple
action can mean so much
to someone else!

2012 my year for kindness
is off to a great start!

i hope you have a wonderful week~

shine your light today!



Paul Tobin said...

What a lovely post-I agree, we should all be kind to others. This has brightened my day, thanks.

Thoughts for the day said...

It takes so little effort to smile, to encourage, to help someone out, open a door, just even say hi. She might be a very lonely lady and you made her day.