Monday, November 28, 2011

give thanks for it all

family time

sundays have always 
been family time.

when my husband & i
were dating and first married
we would go to his parents house
after church on sunday and then
in the evening head over to my folks...

as our family grew 
we still kept up the tradition-

sunday is family time.

we go to church,
eat, play games,
visit, watch movies.
we are together.

the girls now have their 
own families. 
i realize that they
need to have their 
own traditions too.
as hard as this sometimes seems...
i know in my heart they
are their own family
and it is important.

although funny thing is;
it seems like right now
they are happy & content
to come and hang out with 
us on sundays! 
(how cool is that?!)

after church
we had a simple meal
here at the house 
and then a few of them
went into the other room 
to have a marathon card game
while a few of us 
sat and watched cheesy scary movies,
all the while eating junk and laughing!

i am blessed
i cannot even begin to 
express how truly 
blessed i am!

i love my family.
even when we have
mild drama... 
(hey, i did say i raised three daughters!!!)
i love my family.

i have mentioned before
i am the official note taker at church,
i am in charge
of updating our face book page-
look at that crazy chicken scratch! ;)

yesterday as i listened and took my notes
we were left with a challenge-

"how many of you have face book?"
more than half the congregation raises their hands
"i challenge you when you get home to update your status"
"fired up & all in. 1Thessalonians 5: 16-19
to encourage others to look up the verse"
and read:
rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

to be fired up for him.

i came home and immediately put this in my status!

it is a verse that hits home
and a verse i need to 
remember to put into practice!

rejoice always. not some of the times but, always.
pray continually. not when i need something, but always.
give thanks in ALL circumstances, not just when things
are going the way i want them too, but always.

oh how i try to do this
each and every day
and some days i succeed
and some days i fail.

may today be a
day to remember to give thanks
for it ALL
and to be happy in it all!

it is monday
a new week
a new beginning.

let's shine~



Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Great post!

You are always such an encouragement.

You are blessed to have your girls living in the area. It is so sad for this Mama that all of our young adults have chosen to move away. :(

Hope your week is BLESSED!


DeanO said...

"In Everything give thanks" What wonderful family traditions. It's great to see your kids still wanting to participate.

Shanda said...

You are blessed that they still come home. This Thanksgiving I was without my children for the first time. Two will be home for Christmas. It is the part of growing older that is not fun. I think it is wonderful that your son in law wants to come too! You are blessed!

Kelli said...

Beautiful post!! I wish my family lived close enough so that we could all be together every Sunday. Sounds like a great time! You are very blessed. :o)

Thoughts for the day said...

Good job... keep praising and's contagious.

Heart n Soul said...

Love family time ... so important to nurture family love :)

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Sunday was always family time for us as well and something we still miss.