Saturday, November 26, 2011

call us crazy:)

i am thankful for
finding joy in every day things
and for health of those i love
the hubbie and i 
at my mom's house
on thanksgiving day

we had a wonderful
turkey dinner
and great time visiting with
my family on thanksgiving day-
as my brother and i sat
and visited over coffee and pie
we started reminiscing about how
the time goes by so quickly,
in a blink of an eye
twenty-two years has flown by-

we lost our dad 

twenty-two years ago...
cancer snuck up and snatched a wonderful
husband, father and grandpa.

cancer you are ugly-
you are sneaky,
you do not discriminate 
but you cannot win-
because in the end, i know
i will walk and talk 
with dad again!

this thanksgiving was
a reminder to me
of just how quickly it all
goes by-
a swift kick in the hiney
to remind me of what 
is truly important
and what is not-
of taking small simple things
and turning them into joy!

after eating at my mom's
we drove to my mother in laws
for a visit over MORE pie...;)
then the hubbie and i went home
to relax and then...we started what
i believe will be a new tradition-
we went out at 11pm for black friday!

we drove around town looking
at the crazy lines all around the stores
and we snickered that we had
nothing we needed or wanted 
that badly...
but, we found a door at the front of the mall
that had no line and so 
we went in and walked around
watching people acting crazy, 
running to stores and lining up
again to pay for their 'great deals'

we smiled and left the mall 
empty handed.
we drove to a 'super store'
where we proceeded to walk around
and this time we did do some shopping...

my grandson will be getting
his first bicycle for his third bday
next weekend! :)
the crowd was not bad
and the lines were not crazy or long.

after our purchases we
went to mcdonalds
this was at 3:30 am
for egg mcmuffins and coffee...
we laughed about how
we couldn't believe we
were still up and hadn't went 
to bed yet!
we were energized 
and so we went to two more
stores that had things that
both of us wanted to 
see about getting for the kids.

we wound up getting home
at 5:30 in the morning.
two old fogies traipsing around
town, staying up all night
and laughing because
we were doing it together
and we were making it
into a memory, an adventure!

we slept in as long as we
could...the sun came out
all bright & shiny
and it was hard to sleep.

so i got up
had coffee and started
putting up the tree! :)

the tree is decorated-

& so are all the little things
that make my house seem 
dreamy and magical this time 
of year!

love & joy

oh yes, i am
truly thankful!



Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e/Mrs. Seaman) said...

I had a friend die of cancer on Thursday, although hers was a blessed passing. My mom died of a heart attack on Thanksgiving 20 years ago, so I felt for her kids.

I remember thinking that night, "I'm going to live the rest of my life without my mom here." It was unfathomable. It still is, 20 years later.

Kelli said...

I love this post! So warm and touching. I love that you two lovebirds hit the town and stayed up all night. ha!

Of One Heart said...

How incredibly exciting!! :)

Thoughts for the day said...

What a cute story... you are so funny I would never go out on that kind of a day or early morning, perhaps I should loosen up and try it some time?
take care

Linda O'Connell said...

Even if you never do it again, think of the fun time you had and the memories you made :)

DeanO said...

Ms. Melody-Mae, I've read more blogs this year about being thankful and time flying by. I enjoyed your post and yes, I'll call you crazy, I can't imagine you left a store empty handed :). Indeed, cancer is vile and I pray for a cure. Happy - you had such a wonderful day with your dear husband and family! God bless

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad, glad you and your partner had a wonderful time!! xoxo

Kim said...

What a great memory maker! We all should take lessons from you and your hubby!
Ps. I absolutely adore your glasses!

EmptyNester said...

Everything is always better when we're together, right? (I know it's a Jack Johnson song, but it's true! LOL)

Ixy said...

What a great day! I miss my all-nighters - not the nursing ones when Sasha was an infant, but the fun university ones like you described. Just out on the town at night.

Tammy Doane said...

What a fun time you guys had!!!

Anna said...

Beautiful post. Glad you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love the pic of you and your hubby. :)

frugalmommieof2 said...

I'm stopping by from the Weidknech Hop. I'm following by GFC and twitter. I'd love if you'd stop by my blog too.