Monday, October 3, 2011

a weekend away

my husband's sisters
both live in portland, oregon
they were both adopted from
korea when they were babies.
one is very involved in OKF- oregon korean foundation
and so every year we go to the
benefit dinner/auction with her
and her husband-
this year we had a table filled with family
and my sis in law  was the chairman of the banquet...
she got up in the beginning of the evening
and welcomed everyone along with
organizing all kinds of little unseen things
that go into an event such as this so,
she was presented with an award and
it was just a wonderful night. :)

my sister in law and her husband
jane & dan
she wore a traditional korean dress called a hanbok which was handmade for her

her and i bid on two of the items.
we figured out ahead of time
which ones we were going to 'go for'
so i bid on one, and she the other,
knowing full well we would
take each other and the spouses
if we won...
well, her and i both won our items
we set out to get! :)

me; a wine tasting and tour of willamette valley vineyards
her; a dinner at a restaurant on the river by troutdale, oregon

the plan; go overnight to their house and head out
to the wine tasting and on our way home to stop
for a romantic dinner!
my honey and i-
remember when i posted about my love for polka-dots?
well this was a sweet little vintage dress with pearl buttons down the front
i wore them with some nude pumps that were also thrifted. :)

we had a great time getting away for
a few days where we could visit
with family...lots of eating and laughter
took place, i can tell you that! :)

today i am off to one of my daughter's friends
she has a vintage child's desk she wants to sell
for ten dollars?? oh yeah, i bought it sight unseen...
i am going to put it in my library/sewing room! 

may you have a wonderful week
ahead of you
full of love and laughter!



EmptyNester said...

I sure wish I had your gift of thrift! Those wins are fantastic!

Mongs said...

what a lovely and meaningful evening. I love your sister-in-law's korean dress, so beautiful! You look so vintage chic, the pokka dot dress is so cute!

Have a wonderful week too!


Anna said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I love your dress! :)

Buttercup said...

You and the dress are so cute!
Great evening and event. The wine tasting dinner should be terrific. Pictures, please!

Thisisme. said...

What a lovely evening you all had, and you both have lovely things to look forward to after the auction! I love your little polka dot dress - so pretty!

Thoughts for the day said...

If it is Willamette Valley Vineyard in Turner Oregon you have to try the Oregon Blossom wine. So yummy... have a great time.

Rachel said...

That is so something I would do (buy something one of a kind and vintage sight unseen!). I hope you will share pictures!!

PriscilaPetersDecor said...

You look great. You all look great!

Shauna said...

Love the dress! I adore polka dots, almost too much at times, since I tend to keep on purchasing the same type of thing over and over again:)