Wednesday, October 5, 2011

sight unseen~

i mentioned in my last post here
about a desk my daughter's friend
was selling on craigslist...
my daughter told me about it
and i bought it from her friend
sight unseen

i loved it
right away-
what a little beauty!
i am going to move it into
my library/craft room
and this will be where
my little sewing machine
will sit waiting for me to
be crafty!:)

so my dilemma is this
i want to paint it
my hubs and daughter
think it is perfect the way
it is, all beat and vintage looking-
(of course, i will win! hehe)

so that means when it is
all painted and in the actual
room with the sewing machine on it,
all cute and lovely
i will need to post again! ha

today my little grandson decided
that granny's new desk
needed some 'work'-
so he got his tool belt and
tools and began to sand, saw
and hammer!! :)

being a granny is far more
fun than i had ever imagined
that is for sure-
when he sees
me or my hubbie and runs to us
with his arms open wide and a
huge smile,
well this granny melts into a puddle
of gooey love!

may you be blessed today,
and if you would
i have an unspoken
prayer request...
for two people whom
i. love .very. much.
i do not feel comfortable
sharing their needs right now
but, i would love for you to
lift these two loved ones up in
our Lord knows their needs.

thank you.



Thisisme. said...

I will pray for Melody's two people that she loves very much! Hugs. What a cute little desk. I think I'm with you, I would probably paint it so, yes, please post another photo when it is finished. That's so cute with your little grandson and his tool kit. Hope you're being shiny over there my friend.

EmptyNester said...

Love the desk! And what a cutie that grandson is! Nice of him to do the repairs for you. LOL

The lovelies had little tool kits too and Hubs taught them so much about repairing and building. AND car repairs.

I will pray for your two loved ones.

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

My Vote: Paint it.

My hubby would totally say to leave it unpainted, but I'm with you. :)

I wrote a blog post recently about Craigslist being my new best friend. Oh my! Have I had FUN buying and selling recently. I just got the most amazing set of bookshelves yesterday: 5' tall Mission style solid oak with leaded glass doors ... the pair for $150. Oh yea! Loving the new look in my living/dining room.

Can't wait to be a Grandma. Just 5 more months.


Laurel :)

Ana from Sweet Serendipity said...

I love the desk, I think it would also look beautiful painted. I love painting and reviving furniture. Also no one had ever told me I looked like the girl from CSI. I had to google her images, and i guess there is a little resemblance, so funny :)

dandelionfleur said...

Have fun and paint! After all, you have a great helper. And I'll send up a prayer for those two special people.