Monday, October 31, 2011

happy boo-day~

another halloween
is upon us

we will be having
a batman and a lil' cowboy
come to visit us tonight-

because we live in a rural area
we never get trick or treaters
unless they are family...
so the candy winds up
being devoured by us! hehe

i did not get around to making
the caramel corn
this weekend as i had planned-
we made the chex party mix
i just had too much going on
it wound up being crazy busy...
so the plan is to make it today,
of course i cannot promise to save any
for the kids! ;)

& how many of you
are dressed up today?
i decided to wear my gold cardigan
with a chocolate brown turtle neck
to look a bit 'festive'
that's as far as i took it...
how about you?

blessings this monday
and beyond~



DeanO said...

blessings to you and yours

Shawn said...

Have fun with the Grands tonight!

Buttercup said...

I went as my usual scary self -- middle-aged bureaucrat. I can scare anyone. Happy and fun Halloween!

Tammy Doane said...

Hope you had a fun time with grand kids tonight!

Anna said...

Happy Halloween, hope you are having a wonderful evening! :)

New End Studio said...

Hi Melody, you just got a blog award:

I couldn't find an email contact for you. Please come over and claim the award when you have a chance.