Thursday, October 6, 2011

dreary day turned crafty day

today i am babysitting
my 2 1/2 year old grandson
when he arrived at 7am
it was dark and dreary
we snuggled a bit,
had breakfast and then
granny decided it was
the perfect day for
some books...
we read & read
and then we decided
to be crafty-

we got out the glue
some ribbon and some
colorful paper
i wrote on the individual
papers the letters to spell
happy halloween & happy fall
we then glued the paper
to the ribbon and made
a banner saying "happy halloween"
and "happy fall"
i then let him pick which one he
wanted to take to his house
and of course he picked the halloween one! :)

then i finally finished zigzagging
the edges of a scarf i made for my
darling daughter
and am contemplating making
a few lace headbands...

i think the weather is
making it feel like
the perfect day
for crafting!

and i wanted to share
that lately i have received
some amazing emails
saying how much my
blog inspires & touches-
and i was and am, deeply moved
by the emails and to know how
my blog and words touch you!

so it got me to thinking
i would love to get to know you
my followers a bit better...
so would you do me a favor?

share something about yourself
in my comment section!
one or two or three things;
whatever you want...funny, personal...
your favorite color, tv show,
foods, quote, favorite season...
anything you want to share
so i can get to know you better! :)

and i hope you know
how much you all mean to me,
i appreciate you all!

have a lovely thursday
look for the glass half-full
and shine that light of yours!!
and may you always be blessed~



Unknown said...

Oh, you are always helping others see beautiful! How lucky your family is to have you!

A little diddy about See Beautiful, well, we work really hard to find beautiful in the everyday. We are really committed to helping girls and women see how inherently beautiful they are. Seeing beautiful has made life better for us and it is our hope that we've been able to help one or two others see a little more beautiful in theirs.

Of One Heart said...

Here is something about me, Melody-

1. I love that name of yours!
2. I always read you in my reader even when I don't comment because you're so full of sunshine, eternally bright and unbelievably fun.
3. Favorite color- yellow/black.


Betsy Brock said...

I love that kind of day! Sounds like so much fun!

Empty Nester said...

And where are the pictures?

You know tons about me already and you also know how inspirational you are to me!

Gloria said...

Hi Melody-Mae, visiting from Katherine's. Enjoyed your inspiring quotes and beautiful snapshots of life and family.

Anonymous said...

what an inspirational post this is.
thank you so much for sharing! <3

Kasi said...

love your blog...And I'm a child of God which makes me technically a sister to you! :) hehe...Thank you for blogging!

Laurel said...

Here are a few tidbits about me ...

1. I am MORE than "just" a mother of a dozen children.

2. I love to make Apple/Blueberry pie. (I make our deep dish pies in an 11x15 glass casserole dish ... to serve our extra-large family).

3. I love to grind me up some fresh whole wheat flour and make me some bread.

4. I love to take pictures and scrapbook all of our family memories.

5. I love my espresso machine and my Iced White Chocolate Mochas with Raspberry and Whip. Oh yea!

6. I love to write ... and wrote for 2 magazine for 10 years each.

7. I love to read my sweet friend Melody-Mae's blog because it always puts a smile on my face. (And, my kids ask, "Why are you smiling while reading the computer???"


Laurel :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! Also such a treat to visit your blog. Here are a few things about me...

I love rainy days.

I love old movies.

Fernando Ortega is my favorite musician.

I love art history and wandering through museums.

I love reading.

I love the color blue, any shade.

I guess that's enough for now....

God bless you!

Anna said...

Sounds like a fun day! :)

Some things about me:

I'm an animal lover.

I love to read.

I'm addicted to Pinterest.

My favorite season is fall.

I love to bake and cook.

Heart n Soul said...

Thank you for your very sweet words .... lovely to hear from you :)

Linda O'Connell said...

I enjoy your blog; it is like a snuggly soft blanket on a cold evening. I like long walks on the beach or in the woods, and I love my grandchildren and also teaching preschoolers, because they have an innocense about them. I take them on walks and when someone points out something beautiful, we stop and say, "Thank you, Jesus for my eyes."

Unknown said...

what can I tell you that you don't know? I miss you and think we're long over due for coffee and shopping. I am so glad your blog is such a blessing to so many! Remember when we first started blogging? Who knew where it would go? Blessings my friend!

Beverly Diehl said...

Visiting here via Debra Ann's blog - thanks for sharing your inspiring story about surviving breast cancer - twice. Love your CP Estes badge, and wish you continued wellness in your journey.