Monday, July 18, 2011

and we are off!

this weekend
our girls came home from
their mission trip-
my hubbie and i had to
pick them up in seattle...
so we swung by and picked
up our grandson who was beyond
excited to see his mommy and auntie.
we were not even ten minutes from
his house when he asked, "are we there yet?"
(the drive to the airport takes 2 hours! )

when we arrived at the airport
we went immediately to the baggage area
where we were told the passengers
would be arriving...
we staked out the escalator
where we knew they would
have to ride up.

so we waited for them
and waited and waited-
little guy, started to get antsy
with anticipation-
he was so cute to watch...

finally we found out they
were coming from the other side
of the baggage area and 
gramps and the boy
started going up and down
the escalator to kill some time...
until he saw his mommy 
and his mommy saw him and
started sprinting to him!!!
oh, my goodness...sweetness!
after traveling and being up for over 24 hours,
she still had this gorgeous smile...

today, after church
the family all got together
here at our house,
for lunch and to hear about the trip-
they have stories i haven't 
even begun to hear...
but, i did get to see some AMAZING pictures!

now, i am sitting here-
packed for my quick little get away 
with my hubbie and our friends...
so the pictures and stories will need to wait
all i can say is it was wonderful to see their
sweet faces yesterday and have all my chickies
in one nest today!

we leave first thing in the morning (5am)
i am taking the laptop
but, i have a limited amount of time
on this getaway...don't want to waste it!

so we shall see what i post!

i would ask
any of you who are willing to pray-
to pray for my step dad
he fell yesterday and is
in the hospital with
broken ribs, collarbone and punctured lung
please pray for healing and quick recovery
along with prayers for my mom
who i am sure is having a hard time
watching her husband
in this much pain.
thank you bloggie friends
for the support and love.

be blessed,
i send shiny smiles & hugs your way!



Monica said...

Maybe, can you ask your daughters if you can share some of the photos with your fellow bloggers...would love to see some...Thanks you for helping this world become a better place!

Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

Have a wonderful trip MM Darling! Cups Up! xoxo

Thisisme. said...

Hi melody-mae! So pleased that your daughters are all back in one piece. I can just imagine your little grandson getting excited to see his mummy and aunty again. It probably seemed like a long time to him. I will certain say prayers for your stepdad. What an awful thing to have happened to the poor man. Will also pray for your mum as well. No go on off and enjoy your mini-vacation and don't go worrying about us!

Thoughts for the day said...

Have a wonderful time getting away, I have to admit makes me a bit jealous. Would love to sneak away and play. take care

Shawn said...

Have a wonderful trip and post pictures when you get back!

I will keep your stepdad in my prayers, broken ribs are very painful and the more prayers we lift up..the better!

Have fun my friend!

TexaGermaNadian said...

What a sweet little man, so excited to see his mommy :)
Will definitely keep your step dad in my thoughts and prayers. Speedy recovery to him!

Anonymous said...

OOOh, ouch, I can tell you from first hand experience that broken ribs are extremely painful and even after they heal there can be lingering affects. Keeping him in my prayers.

Your daughter looks amazing for being up for so long....of course, she gets that from her lovely mom!
~Hugs, Mitzi

Chatty Crone said...

What a sweet daughter and grandson.
Have a great trip!

Rainbow said...

Hope your trip is great and will keep your dad in my prayers

I have tagged you in a fun blog time and would love to have you stop by to join in on the fun


songbyrd said...

Been keeping your girls in prayer over the course of their time in Africa (wearing my bracelet to remind me) so glad it all went well-- and you survived granny! Have a fun-tabulous time in Vegas baby!

angie on maui said...

Hi Melody-Mae, I am a new follower, stopping by from FTLOB. I just had to hit the follow button when I read that you've been with your hubby for 31 years! Congratulations - you must definitely have the secret to long-lasting love (and you're both so adorable together)...I love reading about happy couples like you two. :)

I love that your blog here is the source of so much inspiration and peace. I can already tell that you have a beautiful spirit and I have no doubts that you really are blessing people through your words, alone. I am really looking forward to reading more about you and getting to know you better!

Have a beautiful week. :)


TheBlogWriter8 said...

Oww. I'm so sorry about your step-dad, Melody! Just reading about it hurts.

Your family is beautiful! (I've just been catching up on your posts. Your black dress looks so cute!)