Tuesday, June 21, 2011

let's be shiny!

i sit here
coffee beside me
a cup that is
dark, rich & hot
waking me up
giving me a little
lift for the day...
this is how i start
every morning,
coffee is a must! :)

thinking of all
that is on my to do list-
yes, it is a bit overwhelming
right now...
my house & yard
are being ignored
while we move the
daughter back home...
i know it will all come together
very soon, so i am trying to
not get too crazy about the mess
in my front room
or what my yard looks like!

she will move in and then
will leave for two weeks
on a mission trip to Africa

so getting her moved in
and then cleaning her old
apartment is clearly on the
top of my list-

my daughter took this with her cell phone, right before i was called to speak
at relay for life this past friday-

what is on your to do list today?
i think i might just have
another cup of coffee and just
think about what needs to be done! :)

the sun is out
and it is a lovely day!

let's be shiny!



{Amy} said...

there is much on my to-do list today but right now i am browsing around online and sipping my coffee : ) so much to do but i am enjoying doing nothing! i would love to hear more about your trip to africa, i so want to go on a mission trip one day. enjoy your day!

Kristy said...

Coffee is a MUST here, too!! We just got back from a weekend trip to see my mom, last night, so I have SO much on my to-do list today!! Washing clothes, cleaning......you know, the mama stuff! I can't wait to hear about her your daughter's trip to Africa! My parents just went on a 2 week trip to Israel during Easter. I got to see the pictures this weekend!
It was A.MAZ.ING.!! Have a great day!

EmptyNester said...

There is so much to be done around here that I am getting nothing accomplished...I hardly know where to start and then everyone is coming home this weekend, so it gets put off again. oh well, I'd rather enjoy their company anyway! So I'm gonna be shiny about it! LOL

Monica said...

The day may already have started...but, my day does not start without coffee either!

Thisisme. said...

I'm in the fortunate position that, because everything had to look nice in the house and garden for my daughter's wedding a couple of weeks ago, everything is looking pretty good :) My daughter and granddaughter are arriving from France tomorrow, so we shall all be very shiny together! Lovely photo of you by the way that your daughter took on her cellphone. How good is that - your daughter going on a mission trip to Africa. What an experience for her! I wish her good luck.

Lyndsay said...

Hmm... sitting and sipping coffee sounds WAAAAYY better than cleaning one's daughter's old apartment!
Hope you're enjoying your day!

Undeserving Grace said...

Your header looks good :)

Chris Graham said...

Coffee is a must also. I wake up nice and early so I can have some quiet time and relax before my feet start running to get ready for work. I make it through my day at work and really look forward to some down time at home.Some"have-tos" are saved for another day LOL.
Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

My day has been horribly busy. Just now getting around to some blog reading! Love the photo, and yes my friend, coffee is indeed a must!

Ross said...

Coffee is a must to start off my day! There is a ton of yard work to do however not much is getting done due to the all the rain that we are getting. I mean it when I say people are watching their patio sets float away. Good luck on your mission trip to Africa. I hope you touch a lot of lives while you are there!

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Adorable picture!!!! I hope the moving and the mission trip go well :) My to-do list is full...I'm avoiding it right now, ha!

Linda O'Connell said...

My to do list is now my, do-whatever-I-want-to-do list, as yesterday was my last day of school for eight weeks, finally.

The Blog Writer said...

Shine, you sure do, Melody! Clanging my coffee mug against yours. :)