Friday, May 27, 2011

life is

life is too short
so kiss slowly, laugh insanely,
love truly and forgive quickly
(author unknown)

i woke very early and a song was stuck in my head
ever happen to you?

for anyone who watched the finale on american idol-
scotty sang with tim mcgraw and they
wound up singing one of my favorite songs...
'live like you are dying'
the words are very poignant
and always touch me when i hear them...
"And I loved deeper and I spoke sweeter,
"And I gave forgiveness I'd been denying."
An' he said: "Some day, I hope you get the chance,
"To live like you were dyin'." 

Like tomorrow was a gift,
And you got eternity,
To think about what you’d do with it.
An' what did you do with it?
An' what can I do with it?


this prompted me today;
what if we knew we only had a short time left
would we do things differently? 
maybe says things that needed to be said-
go places we always wanted to go-
hug a little longer-

i have thought of this before
years ago when i was diagnosed with cancer
and dealing with my mortality
thoughts of wrapping my family in my arms
and never letting go, 
trying to spend as much time
as possible with them and savoring each moment

at the time we had very little pictures of me with the girls, 
it was always me taking the photos...
i started taking pictures of me with the family-
something to say, i was here! that i mattered to this family!
i also had the urge to travel, make as many memories as i could
and we did do some great things

but, truly if i was to find out now i only had a short time...
i know i would want to make sure my family knew. i. loved. them.

i think spending as much time loving and hugging them
would be what i wanted most...out of the time left.
yes, time is something, money cannot buy!

the part in tim's song that says;

'someday i hope you get the chance to live like you are dyin'

this really hits home, because this is what we should do
enjoy each and every moment
every sunrise, sunset and all the 
minor and major minutes in between!!

last sunday our pastor said something that stuck;
on our tombstone it will have our name
and the date we were born
and the date we die
and in the middle of that will be a dash...

that dash is our life here on earth
that little dash is our life.
lets make something out of that dash
my hope is that you find something today
that brings you joy-that this day might be
a little bit sweeter, more joyous...
that you would be able to take a moment 
out of your busy day and be thankful, 
thankful for it all!

life is good
it is our gift from a loving God
what will we do with our dash today?

be blessed and you know i want to say it...:)
shine your light!


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Ms. Blasé said...

"life is too short so kiss slowly"

Find me someone to kiss and I'll happily oblige :)

Seriously, this is an amazing post (as usual). A few years ago, my pastor gave a similar sermon and used that same quote. In the end, that dash is our gift from God. However, what we choose to do with it can be our gift to Him.

Have a splendid holiday weekend!

EmptyNester said...

We all really do have only a short time to live. Just think about how quickly children grow up and move into the world. Next thing we know, we're at the end of the road. No one knows the exact moment but we all should know that the time up to that point flies by faster than the speed of light. Wasted time such a shame! Great post.

Linda O'Connell said...

First off, I love your name and may use it as a character name, and I love this meaningful post!

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Great post.

Good thoughts.

Thanks for sharing.

:) :) :)

Heart n Soul said...

Thanks for your sweet comment. Your girls will have an amazing time in Africa....Heart and life changing.

Daisy said...

Cute Blog! Thanks for following me. Im following you back :)

Yolanda said...

Hi Melody! Thanks so much for stopping by. I am so glad you did and hope it will be helpful in future conversations to be had. Praying for God's strength and promises to sustain through hard days.
You are so right. Life IS good, and it is just a dash, but how beautiful God has redeemed that dash to be.

Anonymous said...

Melody, you never cease to amaze me hun...LOVED this post! Awesome as usual!

Thisisme. said...

Oh my, I'm sat here with tears in my eyes now. Such a lovely post - as always. Your writing is quite wonderful and can really move people. At my age, and with time just going by so quickly, I am well aware of how little time I might have left, especially as I have lost some dear friends in the past couple of years. Life is, indeed, very fragile. None of us know when our time on earth will be over. As your Pastor said - we must make the most of that little dash. I'm always telling my family how much I love them and giving them hugs. Blessings to you my friend.

Rachel said...

Wonderful post.

I've been mulling the brevity of life for quite a while -- with my husband's cancer diagnosis five years ago leading up to my son's recent illness and diagnosis with celiac disease.

Life is too short to get bogged down in petty things. Instead I really live trying to embrace today. To live fully.

Thank you for the reminder.


Shanda said...

'someday i hope you get the chance to live like you are dyin'
Thank you for this post. So much of my days are spent aimlessly rather than intentionally. This is a good reminder.

b. lee said...

luv this miss Melody-Mae * I'm gonna go give x-tra squeezes to my girls & hubs ;)

Anonymous said...

Just found you from TRDC. Lovely post!

mombo880 said...

This is such a great post, very thought provoking!
Thanks for the follow - blogger has had one big hiccup for awhile! Following you least blogger says I am?? lol


Bethany said...

Lovely reminder, thankyou!

Mrs. Tuna said...

A wonderful and thoughtful post. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog during the Blogger meltdown of 2011.

Undeserving Grace said...

Awesome post and full of so many truths we need to remember each day that we're given!
{tara} from Undeserving Grace

Kaley said...

Sometimes life really does get away from us. It's important to remember the small things. I like to keep a journal with all the things that make me smile in a day. :)

Elena (Running in Heels After Child) said...

The last conversation I had with my father ended with "Lets keep in better touch." His phone number was on my coffee table when he died.

Since then I have tried to live my life in a way that I feel good about. All my cards are on the table, this is me, if you are part of my life you are part of my heat.

onlyvic said...

Yes. Indeed, life is good no matter what. having the chance to live a good life is more than enough. There may be trials, but it even makes us appreciate our lives more and the people around us.

You hang on well.

And about taking photos, I have told myself I need to print my special photos and keep them safely rather than just posting them on my facebook.

Barb Hodges said...

This post takes my breath away. You are gifted and a gift to us all. Thank you, Melody.

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Inspirational and uplifting as always! I love that song myself, and every time I hear it I get chills...just like I did when I read your post. A beautiful message. One we all need to remember to live by...I'm the worst of all to forget. Thanks for the reminder, friend :) Hope you have a beautiful day!

Michelle said...

Your blog is really beautiful! So glad you stopped by Wandering Still so I could find you!

KT @ KT's Refinishing School said...

I love that song! My dad (who is not a big country music fan) says that that song has it just right and he should know. He is a doctor and unfortunately sees more people dying of cancer than he should...we all need to remember to live like that, always! :)