Monday, April 11, 2011

yes, sometimes

words are spoken
those words hurt
and the reactions
to those words

actions hurt
the meaning may be unclear,
even misinterpreted,
still they

but, my friend...
life is;
life is;
life is;
life is;
life is;

just plain lovely

yes, life is precious
life is a GIFT
and life is far too short
i will not wallow in any ugliness

there is always a better day
love & hope
are powerful words

i need to head to town today
i have an appointment for an oil change
if i wasn't near the end of my 30 for 30 challenge
i would say some RETAIL THERAPY was in store...
but, there is a week left of my challenge ;)
so i will have some coffee...
and continue to look UP!

day 23 looks like this;

my top i believe was from target? skinnies from jcpenneys, boots are lucky brand from tjmaxx,
and the sweetest necklace, i bought on etsy from c(dot)designs! the charm on the bottom of it reads; love today
how amazing is that?

may you have a wonderful day my friends
you are loved & you are beautiful

my wish for shiny!

give someone else just ONE of your smiles today!
you might be the only sunshine they see
all week long!



EmptyNester said...

I love how positive your post always is! It's so uplifting! Cute outfit and I LOVE the necklace!

Thisisme. said...

I love your poem today! I very much believe in looking for the good in everything. Sometimes it's not always so easy, but it's much more pleasing than looking for the bad stuff all the time! I really like your positive posts, and I WILL be shiny!

Shawn said...

Your necklace is stunning and the skinny jeans way too cute.
Loved your post.
YOU are a Ray of sunshine!

Barb Hodges said...

Melody-mae-I love the form of this poem. You are right- being positive lets the light in and the darkness out. It takes effort but it is worth it. Enjoy your day.

Tatiana said...

Such beautiful words. And so true, too. Your positivity is so uplifting :-)

Robyn Burke said...

What a thought provoking lovely poem my dear friend. you should think about putting all your poems in a little book and have them published. (self published, but what a sweet gift to give your family) took a walk today in the sunshine and thought about you. :)

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Such a sweet and inspirational poem. I always know I can visit you for an uplifting and positive word. Thanks so much for that!! Oh, and I adore that necklace!

Rachel said...

What a fun necklace!! So pretty. I love your boots too - so super cute! Hope you enjoyed that coffee :) I always feel productive after an oil change.. even though I don't do any of the work!

Sally said...

Hey Melody-Mae, thanks for stopping over. I had to dig into your archives to find out what the outfit pics were about. Kudos to you on the 30/30 challenge. I'm a fan of "What Not to Wear" and am well into the process of changing my closet over to less pieces that work. It's a challenge but has done worlds of wonders for my sense of style.

Patti Hanan said...

Dear Melody Mae, I am so glad you found me at A Grateful Heart, because now I've found you! We have so much in common. I've also been married 30+ years and love being a grandma :) I also spent all of my summers growing up on my grandparent's dairy farm. Such happy memories! And most of all, I love my Savior, Jesus! God bless you, my new friend!

Meri said...

That is a gorgeous necklace! Thanks for spreading the cheer~