Saturday, April 9, 2011

maybe a nap will help?!

it is saturday afternoon
and this granny has had one busy day-
i had to be in town by 9:00am to meet
my college daughter and middle daughter
to help them set up a car wash to raise more
funds for their mission trip to Africa...
i brought the hose, buckets, rags and etc.
they provided the labor of course :)
but, now the middle daughter is the one with
the 2 yr old grandson, his daddy works on saturday
and mommy was doing the carwash
so granny volunteered to take him to the
nearby park and then for lunch!
i got some great pictures of him, he loved it
because this particular park is right on the pacific ocean
yes, can we say: gorgeous!?

so this is what day twenty-one looked like
i knew i was going to be in the cold
either helping them with the car wash or with
the grandson at the here it is;

pink striped top from old navy (wore it on day :3) jeans and boots (not shown) orange and pink silk scarf from forver 21,
then because of the car wash, the black military coat (love it and it was thrifted!!)

this is the J-man stylin'!
sunglasses, stocking hat, windbreaker and his vans...yep my stylin' grandson
had so much FUN  looking at the sailboats in the ocean
picking up rocks and pinecones and then finally playing on the playground while the ocean's waves
crashed on the shore in
the background...
what a lovely way to spend the day!
what a wonderful weekend it has been, so far-

may you be blessed with a weekend full of
all the things that make your heart smile
that make you, oh so thankful
 please be happy today
because life is truly GREAT!
and above all else
know you are loved!

now, off to try and take a lil' nap?
yeah, i know...who am i kidding? ;)



b. lee said...

J-man is too cute & grams looks adorable * * what a per-fec-to day!

Shawn said...

Your little man is adorable and must have inherited your Fashion Gene.

EmptyNester said...

Pretty in pink! What a handsome little man you have there!

Thoughts for the day said...

Where is this at? the Pacific Ocean is my part of the country.

Deanna said...

may you have a sweet week-end!!!
You look great.

Day21 and counting.
God bless,

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Sounds like a perfectly PERFECT weekend!

Tamara said...

Thanks for the visit. I'll have to stop by tomorrow when I can stay a little longer.

Bethe77 said...

Looks like everyie was having a great time Melody Mae. You are surely one blessed mom and grandma. Pray they raised a bunch for the missions trip.
You look great in pink. The little one is just to adorable for words. Blessings

Robyn Burke said...

Ha! We were at this same park later in the day!! Beautiful pictures. Loving life~~ the way it should be!

Katie @ Chicken Noodle Gravy said...

Your grandson is adorable!!! Looks like a great day :)